My Story

Hello! Hello! Let me introduce myself. Hi, I'm Lisa, and I am a stationery enthusiast who embarked on a journey in 1999... WHOA! That was a long time ago!!! I set out to design beautiful and unique stationery items. Whenever, anyone asked me what my favorite things were, I immediately responded... fonts and paper! We certainly didn't have the options we have today, so I'm so happy I get to share my favorite things with you now!  What began as a passion quickly turned into a business, as I started participating in vendor markets offering on-site printing services. However, life took an unexpected turn when my father's health started declining, prompting me to make the difficult decision of shutting down my business and transitioning into the corporate world.
Although my professional path changed, my love for stationery remained steadfast; and I'm so happy to be back! Throughout my career, I have developed a reputation for my expertise in creating custom-shaped die cut designs that exude charm and individuality. I take pride in crafting distinctive cards that leave a lasting impression. Recently, I have ventured into the exciting realm of subscription boxes, where I specialize in designing upscale packaging and/or branding for my clients. 
My artistic philosophy revolves around whimsy and charm. I strive to infuse these qualities into every project I undertake, ensuring that my clients' boxes stand out from the crowd and evoke a sense of delight and wonder. I am dedicated to creating a unique and memorable experience for each recipient, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary ones through the power of paper artistry.
I'm also an avid lover of all of our furry friends and offer a line of customized pop art of your pet with die cut notecards, mugs, socks, wall art, and more! These are the perfect gifts for any pet owner... because you know our furbabies are FAMILY!
So, whether you are looking for enchanting gifts, cards, stickers, signature branding or upscale packaging, I am here to bring your vision to life. With a passion for whimsy and a keen eye for detail, I am committed to making every project a remarkable work of art.       
  Lisa McCarrell The Die Cut Queen